Skills for Youth


Skills for better Living, a brighter future

Our Skills 4 Empowerment program involves guiding children and youths in a manner that encourages their belief in their own abilities and potential for positive growth. We meet these children and youths in schools, homes and communities to help them rely on their inner strength and sense of self-belief to meet and overcome life difficulties.

Offering support and opportunities

No child can thrive without empowerment. We provide opportunities and skills trainings to a selected segment of youths especially, the most marginalized. We train youths in areas of business entrepreneurship and talent development including; sewing, soap and cosmetics making, financial literacy, music, games and sports, information technology and computer short courses. For every skill, we envision it being a source of income for these youths.

Our Vision

Home to success envisions a future when children are free from neglected abuse and deprivation.

Our Mission

To enhance the dignity and quality of life for children and communities by addressing poverty, poor health, sexual harassment, anger, child abuse, violence and ignorance through provision of of possible support and protection solution to affected children.

Join us to empower the most marginalized children in Uganda!